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Like Kundalini Yoga classes all around the world, our Seaford, Frankston and Mt Eliza yoga classes typically take the following format:

Before the class
When you arrive, we encourage you take a few minutes before the class to lie on your back or sit comfortably and do some long deep breathing. This helps you to relax and ‘let go of the day’ before we begin.

If it’s your first yoga class at our Mt Eliza, Frankston or Seaford studio, we will give you a handout with some of the common mantras so that they are more familiar for you, and also a set of guidelines that will help if you wish to do Kundalini Yoga at home.

Tune in
In Kundalini Yoga, we always begin the class by ‘tuning in’ and chanting the Adi Mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” three times.

Pranayam & warm ups
Although warm ups are not regarded as essential in Kundalini Yoga, many teachers add them to the class. In the Mt Eliza, Frankston and Seaford yoga classes, we have plenty of time and space, so we generally have a few minutes of pranayam (breathing exercises) and warm-up exercises at the start of the class. This adds to the feeling of being settled and relaxed.

Short relaxation
We then lie on the back for a couple of minutes’ relaxation before beginning the kriya. (The kriya is the main session of postures and movements.)

The word “kriya” literally means completed action. In this part of the class, we do a series of physical movements and postures. In Kundalini Yoga, there are thousands of kriyas to choose from.

In the Seaford, Frankston and Mt Eliza classes, we teach a variety of kriyas. Some are designed to assist with a flexibility, others work on a particular part of the body, some are for a particular chakra, organ or gland, and others are designed to help more with our mind.

All of the kriyas will give you a satisfying physical work out, regardless of their specific purpose. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level, so the classes are suitable for experienced yoga practitioners or complete beginners — it’s all about you having a great experience that meets your own needs.

Long relaxation
Following the kriya, you are encouraged to lie on you back and relax completely. During the long relaxation we generally play the gong. The sound is not harsh and percussive; it’s more of a shimmering vibration that you hear and feel.

After the kriya and long relaxation, we enjoy a meditation. The meditation is generally matched to the kriya.

We close the yoga class with The Long Time Sun blessing song and a single chant of “Sat Nam”.