Many of these organisations and teachers are offering online classes during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Yoga Books, CDs and DVDs

  • Kundalini Books Australia
  • Spirit Voyage (online versions only)
  • Theosophical Bookshop (Melbourne, Australia)
  • If you live near Frankston, Seaford, Mt Eliza, Karingal, Carrum, Langwarrin, Baxter, or nearby, the Health & Wellbeing shop at Karingal Hub often stocks popular Kundalini Yoga CDs
CD display - Kundalini Yoga Karingal

Health & Wellbeing CD display, at Karingal Hub

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Australia and New Zealand

  • Find teachers and yoga classes in your area
  • Events
  • Teacher training
  • Specialised training to take your practice further
  • FAQs


  • International Kundalini Yoga site

Kundalini Research Institute (KRI)

  • Kriyas and meditations to do at home
  • Mantra pronunciation
  • Advanced training

Links to local yoga teachers

Kundalini Yoga Frankston - books & CDs