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How can I find a Kundalini Yoga class near me?
If you live anywhere near Seaford, Frankston, Langwarrin, Carrum, Chelsea, Cranbourne, or nearby suburbs, the Seaford yoga classes, run by Bayside Kundalini Yoga are your nearest for Kundalini.

On the Mornington Peninsula, you might find Kundalini Yoga classes in Mt Eliza, Mt Martha, Blairgowrie, and Rosebud as well, depending on whether local teachers are currently running classes.

Aside from a web search, the easiest way to find classes further afield is to visit the KYTANZ website. Most Kundalini Yoga teachers advertise their classes there. And you’re always welcome to contact us at Bayside Kundalini Yoga. We will tell you about teachers we know who are running Kundalini Yoga classes near you.

When and where are the Seaford yoga classes?
The Seaford yoga classes are held on Wednesday mornings at The Elements of Happiness, 3/131 Nepean Highway, Seaford.

Are there other Kundalini Yoga classes on the Mornington Peninsula?
On the Mornington Peninsula, you might also find Kundalini Yoga classes in Mt Eliza, Mt Martha, Blairgowrie, and Rosebud, depending on whether local teachers are currently running classes.

How do I book a Kundalini Yoga class Seaford?
It’s easy. Just call or text 0405 089 529, or send an email to

What should I bring to the Seaford yoga classes?
We provide mats and blankets, although you’re welcome to bring your own, if you prefer. It’s good to bring water, but that’s also catered for.

What should I wear to yoga classes and events?
Wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.

Do I have to wear white?
You may have noticed that a lot of people wear white in Kundalini Yoga classes. It’s encouraged but not essential. If you have suitable white clothing, great. If not don’t worry. Once you’ve tried a class or two, you may wish to get some, but it’s not a requirement.

How does Kundalini Yoga differ from other forms of Yoga?
While it does employ some of the more familiar yoga movements, Kundalini Yoga is a unique system that combines postures, chanting, meditation, mudras and breathing techniques to rid its followers of negative patterns that prevent true happiness.

Each of the twenty-two major forms of yoga emphasises one or more areas, such as physical movement in Hatha, or sound in Laya Yoga. Since Kundalini Yoga combines all these into a single practice, it brings about changes with great speed.

The practice is designed for ordinary people with normal lives and responsibilities.

Do you always use a gong in the yoga classes Seaford?
Yes, the gong is used during the long relaxation phase of the class.

Do you hold other events in addition to the and Seaford yoga classes
Yes, we often hold gong baths* and kirtan events. We have gong baths at The Elements of Happiness and occasionally hold gong or kirtan events on the Mornington Peninsula. We also hold events further afield. These are generally publicised on social media, via our newsletter and on the events page of the website.

*A gong bath has nothing to do with water. Think of being bathed in sound, just as we speak of being bathed in light.

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