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Winter - no yoga on the beach at this time of yearAt this time of year, a lot of us in Melbourne head north to escape the grey, the cold, and the wind. After all, unless you’re one of those who genuinely enjoy that kind of climate – and I do know a few – why wouldn’t you escape the winter if you could.

Holidaying doesn’t mean you need to miss out on your weekly yoga fix though. You might not be able to get to yoga in Seaford or Mount Eliza, but there are other options for you. There are many Kundalini Yoga classes in the warmer parts of Australia. It’s the same story overseas. Many of the Australian ones are listed on the KYTANZ website. For overseas classes, it’s probably easier to do an internet search.

Another option is to take your kriyas and meditations with you. On the resources page of this site, you can find links to all the Kundalini Yoga books and videos you could ever need. Or you can explore online and find them there. There are also streamed yoga classes. Our friends at Graceful Women provide this service, as does Gururattan, whose books we often use in the Mount Eliza and Seaford yoga classes.

Of course, if there’s a kriya or meditation from our regular yoga classes at Seaford and Mount Eliza that you’ve particularly enjoyed or benefited from, just ask. I’ll give you the details.

Wherever you are during our winter months, you can “keep up” (as Yogi Bhajan used to implore us to do) with your yoga practice. Either at our Mount Eliza and Seaford yoga classes or by taking advantage of a more portable option.