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Kundalini Yoga musicOne of the features of Kundalini Yoga is that we use music during the class. The music generally takes the form of mantras set to a melody. The mantras are often drawn from sacred texts and the rhythm of the music is usually matched to the way the mantra would be chanted in a non-musical setting.

The playlist for each class is carefully chosen to complement the kriya (set of exercises) that we’re doing. Sometimes, the postures within the kriya specify a particular song or mantra. The same applies to the meditations we do after the long relaxation.

We close each session with a blessing song called The Long Time Sun. This is done all around the world in Kundalini Yoga classes. The words, which we sing three times (usually in the local language), are:

May the long-time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on

It can be very moving when the whole class sings these words together at the end of a session. It’s not about having a great voice; rather, it’s the feeling, intent and ‘group consciousness’ that makes it special.